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Nippon Steel’s attempt to acquire U.S. Steel for approximately $14.1 billion has faced numerous challenges, primarily from political and regulatory angles in the United States. The deal, which would be one of the largest foreign acquisitions of an American industrial firm, is currently under intense scrutiny by both the Justice Department and the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), with a focus on potential national security implications.



Political opposition has been notably strong. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have both voiced their opposition, citing concerns over national security and the preservation of American jobs in the steel industry. Biden emphasized the importance of keeping U.S. Steel an American-owned and operated company, highlighting its iconic status and significance to national security​.

政治的な逆風も強いです。ジョー・バイデン大統領とドナルド・トランプ元大統領は、国家安全保障と鉄鋼業界のアメリカ人雇用保護への懸念から、この買収に反対しています。バイデン大統領は、USスチールがアメリカの象徴的な会社であり、アメリカによる所有と運営が続くべきだと強調しています 。


Despite these hurdles, Nippon Steel remains optimistic about the acquisition. The company has assured that the merger would not lead to layoffs or plant closures, aiming to strengthen its global competitiveness while maintaining U.S. Steel’s operational and employment frameworks in the U.S.​ However, the final decision will hinge on the outcome of the regulatory reviews and political negotiations currently underway.