Earthquake Strikes City, Thousands Affected

A massive earthquake struck the city of XYZ today, causing widespread damage and affecting thousands of residents.

The storm brought heavy rains and strong winds, leading to the overflow of rivers and widespread power outages.

This storm comes just two years after a similar event caused significant damage to the same area.

One local resident described the scene as “utter chaos” and expressed concern for the safety of their family.

Meteorologists predict that the storm will continue to move inland, potentially causing further damage.


Earthquake Strikes City, Thousands Affected



A massive earthquake struck the city of XYZ today, causing widespread damage and affecting thousands of residents.

記事の冒頭部分で、最も重要な情報を提供します。5W1H(Who, What, When, Where, Why, How)を含むことが一般的です。



The storm brought heavy rains and strong winds, leading to the overflow of rivers and widespread power outages. …(1)

This storm comes just two years after a similar event caused significant damage to the same area. …(2)

One local resident described the scene as “utter chaos” and expressed concern for the safety of their family. …(3)

Meteorologists predict that the storm will continue to move inland, potentially causing further damage. …(4)










【英語でニュース解説】時価総額世界第2位に躍進 エヌビディアってどんな会社?


Nvidia’s market capitalization recently surpassed Apple’s, making it the world’s second-largest company by market value. This meteoric rise can be attributed to the surging demand for its advanced graphics processing units (GPUs), which are crucial for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning applications. As the world increasingly relies on AI for various industries, Nvidia’s role as a leading supplier of high-performance computing hardware has propelled its stock to new heights.



A significant driver of Nvidia’s growth is its dominance in the AI and data center markets. The company’s GPUs are preferred for their parallel processing capabilities, which are essential for training complex AI models. Data centers, which underpin cloud computing and big data analytics, also heavily invest in Nvidia’s technology to enhance computational efficiency and speed. This trend has translated into substantial revenue growth and solidified Nvidia’s position as a tech powerhouse.



Nvidia’s success is also a result of its relentless innovation and strategic acquisitions. The company has continually improved its GPU architecture, introducing new products that outperform competitors. Additionally, Nvidia’s acquisition of Mellanox and ARM has broadened its technological portfolio, enabling it to venture into new markets and integrate vertically. This strategic foresight has allowed Nvidia to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.



Looking ahead, Nvidia’s prospects appear bright. The expansion of AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), and autonomous vehicles will likely continue to drive demand for Nvidia’s products. The company is also exploring opportunities in the metaverse and virtual reality spaces, which promise to open new revenue streams. As Nvidia continues to innovate and capitalize on emerging technologies, it is well-positioned to maintain its growth trajectory and reinforce its status as a leading tech giant.





The U.S. presidential election is determined by the Electoral College, a body of electors chosen from each state. There are 538 electors in total, corresponding to the number of members in Congress (435 Representatives, 100 Senators) plus three electors from Washington D.C. Each state has a number of electors equal to its total number of Representatives and Senators. To win the presidency, a candidate must secure a majority of electoral votes, at least 270.



While citizens vote in a general election, they are technically voting for a slate of electors pledged to their candidate. These electors then vote for the president and vice president. Most states use a winner-takes-all system, where the candidate with the most popular votes in the state wins all its electoral votes. Only Maine and Nebraska use a proportional allocation system, which can split their electoral votes between candidates.



Swing states, or battleground states, are crucial in U.S. presidential elections. These states do not have a consistent pattern of voting for a single party and can swing either way. Candidates focus heavily on these states, as winning them can be decisive in securing the necessary 270 electoral votes. States like Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio are often considered key swing states.



The election process begins with primaries and caucuses, where parties select their nominees. This is followed by national party conventions, where the nominees are officially nominated. The general election is held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Electors meet in December to cast their votes, and the results are certified by Congress in January. The president is inaugurated on January 20.




Hamas is an Islamist political and militant organization founded in 1987 in Palestine, emerging from the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. The organization operates both politically and militarily, with its military wing known as the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades conducting attacks against Israel, and its political wing engaging in governance, particularly in Gaza. The overarching goal of Hamas is the liberation of Palestinian territories from Israeli control and the establishment of an Islamic state based on its interpretation of Islamic values.



The immediate trigger for Israel’s invasion of Gaza was a large-scale attack by Hamas on October 7, during which militants killed over 1,200 people and took hostages. This event led Israel to launch Operation Swords of Iron, aimed at dismantling Hamas and securing the release of hostages.



The military conflict between Israel and Hamas has led to severe casualties on both sides, with the majority occurring in the Gaza Strip. According to recent reports, over 30,000 Palestinians have been killed, including more than 10,000 children, reflecting the high civilian impact of the conflict. Additionally, the Gaza Health Ministry has reported that 70,000 people have been injured, and 10,000 are missing under rubble, indicating a humanitarian crisis of significant scale.



The United States, particularly under President Biden, has critiqued Israel’s actions as “over the top,” suggesting a reconsideration of military support. This stance points towards a conditional approach where continued military aid might hinge on Israel improving humanitarian access and reducing civilian casualties.

Moreover, regional dynamics are shifting, with many Middle Eastern countries reassessing their security frameworks in light of the war. The progress towards normalizing relations with Israel has stalled, especially as Arab public opinion solidifies against it.





Nippon Steel’s attempt to acquire U.S. Steel for approximately $14.1 billion has faced numerous challenges, primarily from political and regulatory angles in the United States. The deal, which would be one of the largest foreign acquisitions of an American industrial firm, is currently under intense scrutiny by both the Justice Department and the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), with a focus on potential national security implications.




Political opposition has been notably strong. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have both voiced their opposition, citing concerns over national security and the preservation of American jobs in the steel industry. Biden emphasized the importance of keeping U.S. Steel an American-owned and operated company, highlighting its iconic status and significance to national security​.

政治的な逆風も強いです。ジョー・バイデン大統領とドナルド・トランプ元大統領は、国家安全保障と鉄鋼業界のアメリカ人雇用保護への懸念から、この買収に反対しています。バイデン大統領は、USスチールがアメリカの象徴的な会社であり、アメリカによる所有と運営が続くべきだと強調しています 。



Despite these hurdles, Nippon Steel remains optimistic about the acquisition. The company has assured that the merger would not lead to layoffs or plant closures, aiming to strengthen its global competitiveness while maintaining U.S. Steel’s operational and employment frameworks in the U.S.​ However, the final decision will hinge on the outcome of the regulatory reviews and political negotiations currently underway.








2023年流行した英語Word of the Year―米Merriam-Webster編

毎年11月を過ぎると、英米の辞書出版社などが「Word of the Year」を発表します。ちょうど日本の「流行語大賞」のようなもので、その年によく使われた言葉が選定されます。

11月27日には米Merriam-Websterが「Word of the Year」を発表しました。


先日ご紹介したCambridge Dictionaryの今年の言葉と同様、この言葉が選ばれたのにはAIの台頭が背景にあります。




2023年流行した英語Word of the Year―英Cambridge Dictionary編

毎年11月を過ぎると、英米の辞書出版社などが「Word of the Year」を発表します。ちょうど日本の「流行語大賞」のようなもので、その年によく使われた言葉が選定されます。

英Collins English Dictionaryの次には、11月15日に英Cambridge Dictionaryが「Word of the Year」を発表しました。




2023年流行した英語Word of the Year―英Collins編

毎年11月を過ぎると、英米の辞書出版社などが「Word of the Year」を発表します。ちょうど日本の「流行語大賞」のようなもので、その年によく使われた言葉が選定されます。

2023年も各社の先頭を切って、イギリスのCollins English Dictionaryが11月1日にWord of the Yearを発表しました。




Collinsが選定したWord of the Yearの一覧です。

※Collinsでは、形容詞”ultra-processed”として紹介されているが、RNN時事英語辞典へ登録済みの”ultra-processed food”としてリストアップしています。